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Here is my current code for searching tags:

    public JsonResult TagSearch(string term) {
        if (term == null || term == "")
            return Json("");

        var tags = (from t in _session.All<Tag>() where t.Name.Contains(term) select t.Name).Take(6).ToArray();

        return Json(tags);

How could I do case insensitive string search instead?

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Is changing the collation of the column out of the question?

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The Contains() method is converted to case-insensitive operation in SQL. I think the code I posted is case insensitive.

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Use the ToLower method. Like this:

var tags = (from t in _session.All<Tag>() where t.Name.ToLower().Contains(term.ToLower()) select t.Name).Take(6).ToArray();
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