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I want to be able to run a command from my machine using ssh and pass through the environment variable $BUILD_NUMBER

Here's what I'm trying:

ssh pvt@ '~/tools/myScript.pl $BUILD_NUMBER'

$BUILD_NUMBER is set on the machine making the ssh call and since the variable doesn't exist on the remote host, it doesn't get picked up.

How do I pass the value of $BUILD_NUMBER ?

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unrelated to Hudson, removed the tag. (Hudson just creates the variable) –  Peter Schuetze Jul 23 '10 at 14:02

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If you use

ssh pvt@ "~/tools/run_pvt.pl $BUILD_NUMBER"

instead of

ssh pvt@ '~/tools/run_pvt.pl $BUILD_NUMBER'

your shell will interpolate the $BUILD_NUMBER before sending the command string to the remote host.

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Variables in single-quotes are not evaluated. Use double quotes:

ssh pvt@ "~/tools/run_pvt.pl $BUILD_NUMBER"

The shell will expand variables in double-quotes, but not in single-quotes. This will change into your desired string before being passed to the ssh command.

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