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I have just installed mercurial (command line only...this is not TortoiseHG) onto a Windows SErver 2003 machine and the documentation mentions a convert command that will allow me convert an svn repo to hg.

But when I try to run hg convert the command is not recognized. I googled it and it says that I need to install the "convert extension" using the hgrc file.

I HAVE google this and I cannot find anything that will tell me EXACTLY how to get it working. I don't know what file and filename is needed and which directory path should it be in.

I found this page which talks generically about configuration and this page which talks about the convert extension but neither of them puts it together with enough specificity.

SUMMARY- exactly how do I setup hg to support the convert extension on Windows Server 2003.


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If your user name on the machine is "seth", and your profile is located at "c:\users\seth":

Place a file called Mercurial.ini in that folder.

Put this in the file:


That should at least get it to where the command is recognized and you might be able to take it from there.


One more thing thats not exactly clear from your post. If typing just plain hg does nothing then you need to put the mercurial install directory in your path.

share|improve this answer there a way to do it that will to everyone...just curious. – Seth Spearman Jul 23 '10 at 2:48
Now convert is working. Now I am getting error "Subversion python bindings could not be loaded." I found an so error with that message but I am clueless on how to solve. – Seth Spearman Jul 23 '10 at 3:01
If you put Mercurial.ini in the install directory it should be there for everyone. Sorry, can't help with the subversion python bindings. – jwsample Jul 23 '10 at 3:15

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