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I want to change the color of text in a specific row of a virtual string tree. is it possible?

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So, is your question answered? –  Nat Aug 4 '10 at 0:37

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Use the OnBeforeCellPaint event:

procedure TForm1.VirtualStringTree1BeforeCellPaint(Sender: TBaseVirtualTree;
  TargetCanvas: TCanvas; Node: PVirtualNode; Column: TColumnIndex;
  CellPaintMode: TVTCellPaintMode; CellRect: TRect; var ContentRect: TRect);
  if Node.Index mod 2 = 0 then
    TargetCanvas.Brush.Color := clFuchsia;

This will change the background on every other row (if the rows are on the same level).

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To control the color of the text in a specific row, use the OnPaintText event and set TargetCanvas.Font.Color.

procedure TForm.TreePaintText(Sender: TBaseVirtualTree; const TargetCanvas: 
  TCanvas; Node: PVirtualNode; Column: TColumnIndex; TextType: TVSTTextType);
  YourRecord: PYourRecord;

  YourRecord := Sender.GetNodeData(Node);

  // an example for checking the content of a specific record field
  if YourRecord.Text = 'SampleText' then 
    TargetCanvas.Font.Color := clRed;

Note that this method is called for every cell in the TreeView. The Node pointer is the same in each cell of a row. So if you have multiple columns and want to set the color for a whole row accoring to the content of a specific column, you can use the given Node like in the example code.

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