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More precisely, how can I determine if a Solid is intersecting another element? I looked over the Revit API and could not find any information on this.

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have a look into the ray projection API, you can shoot a ray in a certain direction and it will return all the elements it hits and their locations etc.

FindReferencesByDirection method I believe is the method that does that.

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thanks,It's the only way to do that. what a awful way! – learner Dec 25 '10 at 20:26

In Revit 2012, use the ElementIntersectsSolidFilter while filtering elements. You supply the input Solid which could come from another element or from geometry you generate programmatically.

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if you looking for intersected elements,I'll use BoundingBoxIntersectsFilter ,it's quick filter with minor performance impact

first,get the geometry boundingbox

GeometryElement geoElem = wall.get_Geometry(_geoOpt) as GeometryElement;
BoundingBoxXYZ boundXYZ = geoElem.GetBoundingBox();

then,create the outline and passed to BoundingBoxIntersectsFilter

if (boundXYZ != null)
  outline = new Outline(boundXYZ.Min, boundXYZ.Max);
  boundingFilter = new BoundingBoxIntersectsFilter(outline);

  var filterElems = new FilteredElementCollector(elem.Document).WherePasses(boundingFilter).ToElementIds();
  foreach (var item in filterElems)
     //retrieve intersected elements
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