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I configure my email in the Android simulator(Default Email configuration in android aimulator 2.1) .And I download the attachment from my mail. I need to read that file in my application .Is there any possibility to read the file in my application. I am new to android. Can anyone help me to solve this ??? Thanks in advance?

Note in the Eclipse android file explore it show the data in data/data/com.email.attachmentprovidr/databases/_att.1/1 I export that object 1 to my computer it has the actual data

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Do you know the location of the file each time? if you do, then you can use the standard Java File Reading Classes (eg. FileInputStream) –  st0le Jul 23 '10 at 4:43
when i try to read that its not supports to read. –  Karthick Jul 23 '10 at 5:02
What do you mean by "not supports to read" what is the error. –  Mojo Risin Jul 23 '10 at 7:39

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