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I know this is a bit like how long is a piece of string question, but I'm wondering how big some peoples ASP.NET Temporary Files folder, gets. I wish to move this folder to a RAM DISK so I'm trying to see how big this should be set, to.

eg. <compilation tempDirectory=“R:\ASP.Net Temporary Folder\” debug=“false“>

This is only for my DEVELOPMENT Machine (to help speed up compiling -> temp crap goes to ram instead of the Disk).

Is 256MB big enough? What about file uploading? where do those files (temporarily) go?

Cheers :)

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From my experience on my web server and on many sites 256 MB is big enough for one site.

The 10Mg files (only aspx and cs) product about 20-40Mg files on temporary (plus your files on bin directory).

I check my server that runs many asp.net v4 and v3.5 sites and I have temporary dirs up to 40Mg on the very huge projects. Most of the sites use 1-4Gb.

The uploading files not go to this temporary file, but they go where you have set to go on upload.

Hope this help you.

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