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Can someone please explain what #ifdef..#else..#endif does in this piece of code? It's from an open-source iphone twitter client.

@interface NTLNTwitterClient : NTLNOAuthHttpClient {
@interface NTLNTwitterClient : NTLNHttpClient {
    int requestPage;
    NSString *screenNameForUserTimeline;
    BOOL parseResultXML;
    NSObject<NTLNTwitterClientDelegate> *delegate;
    BOOL requestForTimeline;
    BOOL requestForDirectMessage;
    NTLNTwitterXMLParser *xmlParser;
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If ENABLE_OAUTH is defined somewhere else, then the class NTLNTwitterClient will be a subclass of NTLNOAuthHttpClient.

If ENABLE_OAUTH is not defined, then the class NTLNTwitterClient will be a subclass of NTLNHttpClient.

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Cool. Thanks for the response! –  dpigera Jul 23 '10 at 17:38

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