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Python timer countdown

Hi guys,

I want to know about timer in Python.

Suppose i have a code snippet something like:

def abc()
   print 'Hi'  
   print 'Hello'
   print 'Hai'

And i want to print it every 1 second. Max three times;ie; 1st second i need to check the printf, 2nd second I need to check as well in 3rd second.

In my actual code variables value will be updated. I need to capture at what second all the variables are getting updated.

Can anybody tell me how to do this.

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You can use a while loop, and the time module, with time.sleep to wait one second, and time.clock to know at what time you print your variables.

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You can see, if you can utilize the sched module from the standard library:

The sched module defines a class which implements a general purpose event scheduler.

>>> import sched, time
>>> s = sched.scheduler(time.time, time.sleep)
>>> def print_time(): print "From print_time", time.time()
>>> def print_some_times():
...     print time.time()
...     s.enter(5, 1, print_time, ())
...     s.enter(10, 1, print_time, ())
...     s.run()
...     print time.time()
>>> print_some_times()
From print_time 930343695.274
From print_time 930343700.273
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