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I have this table with pages, these pages have parents that are also pages in the same table.

For this examples sake the table looks like:

table: Pages
PageId :Key
PageParent :Foreign Key

Now my question is what would the SQL look like when creating a menustructure like:

PageId     PageParent     PageName
1          NULL           home
 2          1              page_under_home1
  5          2              page_under_pageid2_1
  6          2              page_under_pageid2_2
 4          1              page_under_home2
  5          4              page_under_pageid4_1
   7          5              page_under_pageid5_1
  6          4              page_under_pageid4_2
   9          6              page_under_pageid6_1
   10         6              page_under_pageid6_2
 8          1              page_under_home3
 11         1              page_under_home4
  12         11             page_under_pageid11_1
   13         12             page_under_pageid12_1

I currently have this:

SELECT     p1.PageId, p1.PageName, p1.PageParent, p2.PageName AS Expr1
FROM         dbo.pages AS p1 FULL OUTER JOIN
                          (SELECT     PageId, PageName
                            FROM          dbo.pages
                            WHERE      (PageParent IS NULL)) AS p2 ON p2.PageId = p1.PageParent

but that doesnt nearly create the output I want and I think I'm going at it completely the wrong way...


this is what I currently have:

    PagesMenu(pageId, PageParent, PageName) 
        PageId, PageParent, PageName
        (PageParent IS NULL) 
        (PageIsVisible = 'True')

        b.PageId, b.PageParent, b.PageName
        PagesMenu AS a 
        dbo.pages AS b 
        a.pageId = b.PageParent

SELECT     pageId, PageParent, PageName
FROM         PagesMenu

And it seems to somewhat work but not completely recurs, the first recursion seems to work but it looks like it doesn't do it a second time.


pageId    PageParent    PageName
3         NULL          home
1         3             test
4         3             test
5         4             test
6         4             test
7         4             test
8         5             test  <---wrong
2         1             test  <---wrong
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You need to use recursive queries. Which dialect of SQL are you using? –  Marcelo Cantos Jul 23 '10 at 8:02
I'm using MS SQL server for this –  red-X Jul 23 '10 at 8:06
What version? Starting in 2005 you have access to CTE's that would help with this. –  spinon Jul 23 '10 at 8:20
HA! I'm using 2005 so that could be usefull :D –  red-X Jul 23 '10 at 8:21

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Here is an MS link on CTE's: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms186243.aspx

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