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I have just inherited a medium sized Rails application and I want to try to optimize it right away. I want to start with the database to ensure that indexes are placed where they need to be an so forth. I therefore need to quickly find out all possible SQL statements that ActiveRecord might make so that I can compare that with the database schema and see where immediate optimization can be made.

In short: Is there an equivalent to rake routes which would output all possible SQL templates?

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The hard way

The Rails development log file should contain all of the sql used during the execution of the server. You could grep the file for select statements - perhaps getting a little smarter by using a regexp. Unfortunately you're unlikely to ever be able to process all of the information therein

Manage by exception

A better way would be to use some simple monitoring solution to alert you when a request runs too slowly (e.g. scout). Then look at the Rails log file to see if the problem was related to the DB.

Use the DB tools

Most DBs will alert you via a log file somewhere if a query runs slowly - MySQL for example has the 'slow queries log'.

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