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I've created an Component with an Condition DISABLEMSIUPGRADE, which get's set when I install the MSI using our ExternalUI. However, MSI doesn't remove the entry on UnInstall. I think the problem is caused by the Condition, but I can't fix it.

<Component Id="compMSI" Guid="5f18af6a-b839-4b4d-9d4f-79cf7826f749">

  <RegistryKey Root="HKLM" Key="SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\$(var.PGuid)" Action="createAndRemoveOnUninstall">
    <RegistryValue Name="DisplayName" Type="string" Value="$(var.ProductTitle)" />
    <!-- ... -->

I even placed RemoveRegistryKey Elements in other components to ensure the keys gets removed, but that also didnt do the job...

I also tried to store and read DISABLEMSIUPGRADE property in the Key.

//edit: I've experimented a bit and found out, that the CONDITION Element isn't the cause. I looks like if I have another version of my setup installed, the registry key doesn't get removed. What could cause that?

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The Windows Installer reference counts Components by their Component/@Guid. If you have a Component shared (i.e. Components that have the same @Guid) across MSI files then the contents of the Component will only be removed when both MSIs are uninstalled.

I highly recommend reading about the Component Rules. They control all of this: http://robmensching.com/blog/posts/2003/10/18/Component-Rules-101

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Thank you very much, it works like a charm now ;). However, after reading your blog post, I thought if it's recommended to always use a * as a component guid? –  Simon Jul 26 '10 at 6:25
When possible, I recommend using the Component/@Guid="*". The WiX toolset will tell you when you can't. –  Rob Mensching Jul 26 '10 at 15:45

If you have a Component (remember Components are identified by their @Guid outside of the MSI file) shared across Products then the Component will only be removed when the last MSI uninstalls. Again, the Component Rules blog entry I linked above explains why.

Finally, a verbose log file will show you the install state for all your Components.

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Thank you very much for this extra information. I never came across these rules until you posted your link. I wonder why my other Components have been removed successfully all the time, even though they all had fixed Guids. However, I've changed every Guid to * and everything works like a charm now ;). –  Simon Jul 28 '10 at 8:45

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