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I work on a large project and want to disable the Eclipse compiler warning stating:

Access to enclosing constructor ... is emulated by a synthetic accessor method. Increasing its visibility will improve your performance

Eclipse version 3.3.2

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From the Window–Preferences menu, browse to the Java–Errors/Warnings panel. Expand the "Code style" settings, and set the "Access to a non-accessible member of an enclosing type:" option to "Ignore".

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This option seems to be broader than the optimization in the message above. I want to have warnings for accessing non-accessible members of an enclosing type but not see the performance messages. –  Gambit Dec 8 '08 at 15:31
There is only one warning, the one that mentions performance. You can't keep it and get rid of it. –  erickson Dec 8 '08 at 17:57
Thanks, that is the information that I needed. –  Gambit Dec 9 '08 at 19:10
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