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I want to create a chart that consists of couples of two bars. one of them a regular bar, the second one is layered and has a deviation. something like this (photoshopped): alt text

This is a snippet of my code:

private static JFreeChart createStatisticalBarChart(DefaultStatisticalCategoryDataset dataset, String chartTitle, String domainAxisLabel, String rangeAxisLabel, List<String> sunndayMap) {

    CategoryAxis xAxis = new CategoryAxis(domainAxisLabel);
    ValueAxis yAxis = new NumberAxis(rangeAxisLabel);
    CategoryItemRenderer renderer = new StatisticalBarRenderer();

    CategoryPlot plot = new CategoryPlot(dataset, xAxis, yAxis, renderer);

    JFreeChart chart = new JFreeChart(chartTitle,
            new Font("Arial", Font.PLAIN, 10),

My dataset has mean+standarddeviatin records with every second record's deviation being "0", so that no range indicators will be displayed.

Anyone an idea how I can accomplish that?

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You can use a small negative value in setItemMargin() to achieve an overlap, for example


It appears that standard deviation lines are not drawn if the getStdDevValue() method returns null. You might try that value instead of "0".

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Setting it to null instead of 0 totally did it. Thanks man! – tzippy Jul 25 '10 at 11:59

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