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I there any Face recognition sdk/library available that one can use in to android ?

whenever i search on google i just came across Recognizr , so does anyone has any idea about sdk or something like that which helps the developer in developing face recognition application

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Are you looking for face detection (find the face in the photo) or face recognition (identify the face in the photo)?

Facedetection.com has a decent list of opensource and commercial software for detection and/or recognition.

For face recognition, here's what I found on SourceForge:

Then there are commercial offerings:

When googling keeps handing you a result you don't want (e.g., Recognizr), the trick is to add that term to your search with a leading minus (-recognizr) to negate the term.

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+1, very nice answer. –  Mudassir May 25 '11 at 8:46

Here's a list of 40+ face detection / recognition, libraries, and software - http://blog.mashape.com/post/53379410412/list-of-40-face-detection-recognition-apis

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