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I've been playing with Visual C# lately and have formulated a project idea now. I'd like to be able to read in a .csv file and display easy-to-read reports based on the data contained within.

As I'm new to C#, and to real programming at all, I was wondering what is the BEST or recommended way to deal with large amounts of data (with easy, flexible manipulation for data report generation)?


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How large is "large"? Columns? Rows? MB? –  Florian Reischl Jul 23 '10 at 15:39

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GridViews and Data Sets are something to look into. I bet there's other ones but this is pretty straightforward and works for my needs.


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ADO.Net DataSets work really well for this purpose. If you think you might need to use this data model in several applications, you may also check out Entity Framework.

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Storing the Data in a Relational DB like SQL Server is probably the way to go as far as storage goes. To get you started you can use the Free SQL Expresss version.

You can then retrieve the data into ADO.Net Datasets to manipulate the data in C#.

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