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I have a custom application which brings together several resources and builds a Visual Studio project into an exe file I can then use to upgrade my company's website and database. This custom app uses System.Diagnostics.Process in a couple of places to access SourceSafe, I use the command SS ... -Y, to log into SourceSafe and process some events which works as I would expect. I'm not logged into the company's domain which is why I am manually logging into SourceSafe.

Now when I get to the part where I start building my VS2010 project, I'm using this command devenv /Build Release /Out ..\Log.txt /project <MyProject> it does not build my project, and the log file shows this error...

The following files were specified on the command line: <Path to my VS project> These files could not be found and will not be loaded.

The path to my project is correct and if I run it from a command window it loads the project, asks for my SourceSafe credentials and it builds. So my question is... Is there any way I can log into SourceSafe using the command line above, or by adding to the ProcessInfo parameters before I execute the command line?

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You may check out the thread below and see if it helps:

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Thanks, not quite what I was looking for though, I do use those techniques already for other parts of the project. I need someway to log into Source Safe by passing in a username & password when I execute the (VS2010) denenv.exe process from my utility project, as you normally would do running a solution connected to SourceSafe in VS. Does anyone know if setting the environment variables SSUSER & SSPWD would help in this case? – ZimboTerry Jul 26 '10 at 13:23

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