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I have a type a head drop down list that I created. Clearly I had to turn the AutoPostBack to false because otherwise it would post back as the user was typing. But I want to poast back when use has made his selection.

I don't wanna use a submit button or anything like that. Long story, just trust me it's not the solution for my situation.

In the javascript that does the type ahead when the use clicks enter I post back. That work great.

However whast about when the user click with the mouse? So I use the onblur event to postback. However that requires clicking outside of the drop down list.

I want the postback to happen when they click the new item. So like a postback when itemchanged, but only if I changed it by clicking on it.

Any ideas???

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No ideas? I'm still looking for a solution... –  kralco626 Jul 23 '10 at 17:40
Using onblur for a postback is dangerous, in that anything that causes your control to lose focus will cause a postback. –  funkymushroom Jul 24 '10 at 20:38
Yes. I agree, because even if you click the ddl and then click off it will postback. But while this is anoying, it has no adverse effect on the web app and beats using on selectionChanged because then the type ahead wont work. But i'm open for other suggestions all together...? –  kralco626 Jul 26 '10 at 10:57

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