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What's the best way to read in a the contents of a textbox line by line in 2.0?

I'm currently using the one listed at TextBoxBase.Lines Property at MSDN but wanted to know what other ways could one read in a textbox line by line in

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The Lines property is what you want to use. Parsing the Text property yourself requires more code and doesn't make it faster. Write a better question if you have a reason to look for an alternative.

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Was just checking to see if there was a better seems not though...thanks. – Eugene Jul 23 '10 at 17:42

It might not be the best way, but you could always use textbox.Text.Split(vbnewline), which will return an array of string. You could use that in a for each loop

For Each strLine As string In textbox.text.split(vbnewline)
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