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In Visual Studio 2010, is there a way of changing the Cascading Style sheet on the server-side based on the client browser? I want to create different style sheets for the different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari etc..) and specify which one to use from the master page.

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I agree with KP; use a single stylesheet. If you are using modernizr [sic], then you can style for different browsers very simply, for example:

someContainer {
   /* standards based CSS */

someContainer.ie6 {
   /* special CSS for IE6 */ 

My suggestion is to use the new HTML5 Boilerplate which includes modernizr. You'll be glad you did!

Check out the links below and don't look back. :)

Link to Boilerplate for HTML5

Link to Modernizr - ease the chaos!


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Here's a good article on detecting browser type in

Once you detect the browser type using for example, a switch statement on HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser.Type, you can easily insert a css reference into the page, with code such as:

HtmlLink cssLink = new HtmlLink();
cssLink.Attributes["type"] = "text/css";
cssLink.Attributes["rel"] = "stylesheet";

    Case "Firefox":
        //use a certain path depending on browser type
        cssLink.Attributes["href"] = "firefox.css"; 
    Case "Internet Explorer"
        cssLink.Attributes["href"] = "IE.css";

    //and so on



I don't know what the actual string values of Browser.Type will be for each browser. You'd have to test.

Even with the above, I'd still recommend using a single stylesheet for all browsers. With a little effort you can make a page render almost identically across all major browsers.

First I'd recommend starting with a reset CSS file such as the YUI 2 Reset or YUI 3 Reset. From there most styles will apply well and consistently across browsers. With all default styles reset you can build out your styles with complete control.

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Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for. – Chris Jul 23 '10 at 19:29
@chris: then mark this as the answer – Ben May 6 '12 at 10:00

Unsure if I follow fully but you can specify these in the App_browsers folder of your project.

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