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I am doing an internship in an ad-targeting startup.

We have publishers in our network that can display ads we send them. Currently our system is able to analyze the behaviour of a user whenever he visits one of our publishers.

On the publisher's site, some javascript code creates a user ID. This javascript code stores the user ID in a cookie so that we are able to identify the user for all his visits.

But the same physical user can have different usernames on two of our publishers. For example "John Doe" can be "johnd" on publisher A and "john_doe" on publisher B. So what I want to do is identify the same user anywhere they go in our publisher network. I have seen that third-party cookies combined with tracking pixels (or tracking pixel scripts) would perhaps be the solution: indeed these techniques are used by a lot of ad companies for cross-domain user tracking.

I don't know if these techniques fit well with what I want to do. If so, I wonder how to do (I am quite new to this field). Does anyone have any ideas, advice, or documentation about how to architect this?


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Problem resolved : follow this link for more details.

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