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I am trying to figure out how to define a callback to my model object, via the Mate Frameworks LocalEventMap.

<EventHandlers type="{WebServiceEvent.RT_GET}" debug="true">
    <HTTPServiceInvoker url="/services/rtGet.asp">
            <CallBack method="rtGetHandleResult" arguments="{resultObject}"/>
            <CallBack method="rtGetHandleFault" arguments="{fault}"/>

The event is originally dispatched from the model, via the views (as the models dispatcher property). However, when the callback is ready to fire, I get the following error.

- ERROR: Method rtFeesGetHandleResult not found in class OrderEntryView_0_Main 
- EVENT TYPE: "WebstoreServiceEvent.RT_FEES_GET" (rtFeesGet) 
- TAG: CallBack 
- METHOD: rtFeesGetHandleResult
- FILE: OrderEntryEventMap
- 1 ARGUMENT SUPPLIED: [object Object]

I get essentially the same error if I try to make method="model.rtGetHandleResult"

So, in keeping with the presentation model... how do I have the event map get this to the model to execute?

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One possibility would be to create a 'pass-through' function on the view object, to hand the resultObject off the the model for handling.

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Well, it seems to work, anyhow. But, is there a better way? –  reidLinden Jul 23 '10 at 20:14
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Yes, there is a better way. In my case, there was no actual NEED to have the <resultHandler /> issue a <callback />. Simply replace the callback with methodInvoker, and add a generator property to it, pointing at the model in question.

Now, if you really DO need a callback to work this way, I am pretty convinced by now that a pass-through function of some kind is your only way forward.

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