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A series of functions generate varying number of data frames (minimum of 1 and a max of 11). I'd like to combine them using rbind. If I knew the names, I could easily just rbind(d1,d2...) but can't do that since I have to combine a different number of data frames each time.

So lags=rbind(pattern("lags_2_Y*")) didn't work.

I can get the list of the generated lag names into a vector like so: lag_names=ls(pattern="lags_2_Y*")

If I do: lags=llply(lag_names,rbind), I just get a list with the lag names. I want to rbind the contents of those data frames.


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I put data.frames into a list and "flatten" (final.df <- do.call("rbind", list.of.df)) the list when I need one data.frame. –  Roman Luštrik Jul 24 '10 at 10:12

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lags = ldply(lag_names, get)


If you give lag_names names, ldply() will add an id column

names(lag_names) <- lag_names

lags = ldply(lag_names, get)
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