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Here is the scenario ... I am also using tortoise SVN ...

I can create a new folder and do a checkout with the "only this item" option ... this will checkout just the top level folder, I can then go into the repo browser and select any subfolder i want to "update to revision" (in the repo browser right click, select update to revision) ... this will bring down only that subfolder ...

Is there a way to remove the folder without removing it from the repository?

If not, my other option is to simply checkout the subprojects individually (this might be the best solution), lets see if anyone has an answer to the above.

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Checking out the subdirectories (which can be treated as repositories in their own right) individually, as you suggested is the cleanest way to do this. That's pretty common with folks who I've seen have SVN repositories that look like this from the root

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If you delete the folder from your local working directory it won't affect the version in the repository. Only when you do a 'svn delete' and commit the changes will it actually delete the directory from the repository.

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It only effects his working copy, but this also means that svn stat is going to show a "!" status for those missing files/directories and Windows Explorer/Tortoise will show a "!" in the parent directory and greyed out versions of those missing directories/files (iirc, I haven't used Tortoise in a long time). Further, everytime he svn up's in the parent directory or above, he's going to get those files back. Not a huge problem, but annoying, nonetheless. –  whaley Jul 23 '10 at 19:52

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