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does anyone know how to edit a dot snippet file and reload into (g)vim without closing and re-open the program? it would be great to do that with this excellent plugin.


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If you have the latest version of snipmate you can use the following command from vim to reload all the snippets :call ReloadAllSnippets() or better you can map it to a key

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Thanks. just so its clear to others, at time of posting with 0.83 the latest version on, I had to go to the github dev version to get this function: – Jeromy Anglim Jan 27 '11 at 14:48

I am currently on a promoting tour for UltiSnips on StackOverflow. UltiSnips will watch your snippet files for change, so all you have to do is save your .snippets file and the changes are immediately available in Vim. There is also a handy :UltiSnipsEdit command that will open the correct snippets file right away.

A conversion script for snipMate snippets is shipped with UltiSnips, so switching is easy.

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Have a look at the following discussion

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