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I want to develop a program which uses the webcam to track finger tips. When tracked, the finger tip will be like an index and I will be able to get its positions even if it is moved around. If anyone has any advice for me. Thanks in advance.

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You could use some color papers wrapped around your finger tips to facilitate recognition. – dnul Jul 23 '10 at 22:25

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Setup is everything. First make sure you make it easy for yourself: have the proper lighting conditions ( either an IR LED + IR filter on camera or just high contrast between your surface and the fingers )

I imagine you would do blob tracking. I can't give you a solution for making sure the id of the detected blobs will always be the same, even if they go in out of the tracked area, but I would suggesting giving Community Core Vision(used to be tbeta) a try and use the forums there as well.


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If you look around the internet, you'll find lots of DIY tutorials to make a touch table.

If you want to keep your fingers in the air, you could put some colour markers. This article might help:

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You can either use color based tracking method or skin segmentation. in CCV latest version it supports finger tip detection.

try this as well :

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