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A demonstration of the problem is here.


The multi-column CSS3 layout displays correctly in Firefox. Opera and IE8 display it as one column (which is fine). Chrome, however, tries to display it as multiple columns and cuts off part of the text.

Is there any way to make it work with Chrome?

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Breaks in Safari on Windows as well (in the same way). –  Sean Vieira Jul 23 '10 at 22:58

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Seems to show all the text if you set a line height of 1.5 on the p rule in dugan.css. There still seems to be a defect in exactly how Chrome balances the columns, you may need to put an empty paragraph in or add some padding on the last paragraph or something.

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Adjusting line-height (or font-size, as recommended elsewhere) might remove Chrome's clipping bug, but only accidentally. If you want to avoid it programmatically, the only working solution by now is:

.multicolumn p {
  display: inline-block;

You might expand this to all child elements of the multicolumn container, but probably you will need to add width: 100%; at some point. For more info, read the discussion at http://www.symphonious.net/2010/12/30/controlling-wrapping-in-css3-columns/ and http://zomigi.com/blog/deal-breaker-problems-with-css3-multi-columns/.

Furthermore, if the inline-block workaround does not help, the cause for cutting off text bits can consist of a recursive application of multi-column design. I observed this in a more complex scenario than the above where a remote parent of a multi-column text container had its own column layout. Removing the column-count from the top-level container fixed the column-break problems.

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