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I have a list with two items, I want to add additional items after the first item when the content is loaded. How is this done? I can add items, but they only show up on the end of the list. Do I have to call or use the list element array?

First I create the new list item (<li>) and then I populate the list item with the content. But I think I need to define the position of the list item before or while I add the li item.

if(x > 0){  
   $('<img/>').attr({'id':'imgAdultAvatar_'+x,'src':'./images/person_20x20.jpg','class':'imgAvatar','title':'The persons avatar','alt':'Avatar Adults'}).appendTo($('#liAdult_'+x));
   $('<a></a>').attr({'id':'lnkAdultProfile_'+x,'href':'#','name':'lnkAdultProfile_'+x,'title':'Edit the adult profile'}).html('Profile').appendTo($('#liAdult_'+x));
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Almost forgot, thanks for the replies, it helped me to solve the issues. Thanks again. –  nagli Aug 5 '10 at 20:27

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To add a new item after the first one:

$('li:nth-child(1)').append('<li>New Item</li>');
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Instead of .appendTo() which will add it to the end like you have:


Use .insertAfter() to stick it at the location you want, like this:

$('<li></li>').attr('id','liAdult_'+x).insertAfter("#ulAdultList li:first");

This will insert it after the :first <li></li> in that <ul>.

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