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I am looking to standardize the processing of ajax #anchors at the server side, using MVC.

Before a controller action is invoked I want to convert every request with ajax anchors into a request without ajax anchors, so that the controller code does not know there were anchors in the request:

For example:

1) /user/profile#user/photos should be treated as /user/photos

2) /main/index#user/profile/33 should be treated as /user/profile/33

What is the best technique in MVC to accomplish that?

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Are you sure this even happens? mikeduncan.com/named-anchors-are-not-sent –  jfar Jul 24 '10 at 3:31
emmm... just realized this myself when started writing the code. Neeed to have some javascript preprocessing, to send the anchor info to the server manually. –  Andy Jul 24 '10 at 3:58

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Anchors are not pushed to the server with the url. One option would be to put the value /main/index#user/profile/33 inside a hidden field and get the contents of this from your controller.

However I am not sure how you are using the anchors within the markup page so this may not help!

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