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I have a link like

<%= link_to "link_name", :controller => "some_controller", :action =>
"some_action", :id => "some_id", :first_param => {:second_param => "some
value"} %>

and in my routes.rb

map.connect '/some_name/:id' :controller => "some_controller", :action
=> "some_action"

Above code is giving me a URL like


my requirement is to construct the URL as:


Please help me out.



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You can use route globbing:

map.connect '/some_name/:id/*other', :controller => 'some_controller',
            :action => 'some_action'

—this will make the additional parameters accessible within your action via params[:other].

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it is working for params[:other] but i want a url for params[:other][:first] –  user358176 Jul 24 '10 at 10:02

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