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I'm a java developer/python beginner, and I'm missing my maven features, particularly dependency management and build automation (I mean you don't build, but how to create a package for deployment?)

Is there a python equivalent to achieve these features?
Note: I use python 2.x


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Python uses distutils and setuptools for dependency and packaging.

Heres a tutorial which explains basics: http://docs.activestate.com/activepython/3.2/diveintopython3/html/packaging.html

In short, you will have setup.py file, which has dependency and script compilation/installation information, and you can build eggs, dist tarballs, binary tarballs, etc with it.

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Since the dearly electro-departed Mark Pilgrim shut down that site, here is mirror at activestate. – jiggy Feb 4 '12 at 20:18
I'd recommend updating this to point to The Python Packaging User Guide since it is the authoritative guide now. – kojiro May 24 at 20:16

Unfortunately, there is no direct match. However, the closest you can get:

  • zc.buildout: It can setup closed environments, download/handle dependencies, initialize scripts, etc. It also builds on plugins (or "recipes", as they call them). I used it a few years ago when it was in beta stages, probably it has evolved a lot since then. There is learning curve, as Maven has, but it's also the most powerful when it comes to automate things.

Other offerings are simply subsets of Maven/zc.buildout:

  • Setuptools: package creation / installation (I don't actually have deep knowledge on it)
  • Pip + yolk: simply dependency management
  • Virtualenv + virtualenvwrapper: Managing separate python environments (something you don't need in Java world)

You probably know Ant and shell scripting, so you could check also these Python tools:

  • Fabric or Paver: command-line tools to execute whatever you want. They are not far better from traditional shell scripts, though
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For deployment, in addition to distutils/setuptoos, also take a look at the pip package (uses setuptools underneath). It can rollback failed installations and also uninstall (something missing from easy_install/setuptools). In addition, you can specify dependencies through a requirements text file.

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I'd like to point out PyBuilder which is heavily inspired by maven but uses python instead of XML for configuration, so it's actually readable, IMHO.

There is a plugin for dependency management (uses pip under the hood and differentiates between build and runtime dependencies) and, not unlike maven, you can run through the full build lifecycle with a single command.

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It's good to use virtualenv to create standalone project environment and use pip/easy_install to management dependencies.

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