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I have a forum like web application written in MVC. I'm trying to implement as the search engine. When I build my index, every now and then I get exceptions related to Lucene not being able to rename the deletable file. I think it's because I empty the index every time I want to rebuild it. Here is the code that deals with indexing:

public class SearchService : ISearchService
    Directory   IndexFileLocation;
    IndexWriter Writer;
    IndexReader Reader; 
    Analyzer    Analyzer;

    public SearchService(String indexLocation)
        IndexFileLocation = FSDirectory.GetDirectory(indexLocation, System.IO.Directory.Exists(indexLocation) == false);
        Reader            = IndexReader.Open(IndexFileLocation);
        Writer            = new IndexWriter(IndexFileLocation, Analyzer, IndexFileLocation.List().Length == 0);
        Analyzer          = new StandardAnalyzer();

    public void ClearIndex()
        var DocumentCount = Writer.DocCount();
        if (DocumentCount == 0)

        for (int i = 0; i < DocumentCount; i++)

    public void AddToSearchIndex(ISearchableData Data)
        Document Doc = new Document();

        foreach (var Entry in Data)
            Field field = new Field(Entry.Key, 

        Field KeyField = new Field(


    public void Dispose()

And here is the code that executes it all:

    private void btnRebuildIndex_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        using (var SearchService = new SearchService(Application.StartupPath + @"\indexs\"))

        using (var SearchService = new SearchService(Application.StartupPath + @"\indexs\"))
            Int32 BatchSize = 50;
            Int32 Current = 0;
            var TotalQuestions = SubmissionService.GetQuestionsCount();

            while (Current < TotalQuestions)
                var Questions = SubmissionService.ListQuestions(Current, BatchSize, "Id", Qsparx.SortOrder.Asc);

                foreach (var Question in Questions)

                Current += BatchSize;

Why does Lucene complain about renaming the "deletable" file?

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Not sure why you are recreating the index everytime. You can append to the index thus:

Writer = new IndexWriter(IndexFileLocation, Analyzer,false);

The false flag at the end tells the IndexWriter to open in append mode(i.e. not overwrite). That might make your problem go away.

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IndexFileLocation.List().Length == 0 will evaluate to true only when no index files exist – Roman Jul 25 '10 at 12:41
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It turned out, if no index files exist, then creating an IndexReader before an IndexWriter is not a good idea. I also realized even though the AddDocument method of IndexWriter has two overloads (one w/ and one w/o Analyzer parameter) only the one with analyzer parameter works for me.

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