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I'm using Play frameword and play-scalate plugin.

The default demo of play-scalate provided is only ".ssp", but what I want to use is ".scaml". I create a "default.scaml", but I don't know how to include the inner views.

Maybe my description is not clear, what I want to do is:

translate the the layout "main.html" to "default.scaml".

The content of "main.html" is:

        #{doLayout /}

I don't know how to translate #{doLayout /}. Thanks in advance.

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you may try asking in the google list, they are usually very responsive...


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I tried, but I didn't get a quick answer. Maybe few people use scaml. –  Freewind Jul 26 '10 at 17:08
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It should be:

-@ var body: String 
-@ var title: String = "Some Default Title"

  %head= title
    %p hello, everyone
    != body
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