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I have a PowerShell script for building my project files, and I'd like to have capability to run it from my file manager's command line (and, possibly, make a shortcut to this script so I can start build from my desktop)
Any way to do this?

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I've started using PowerShell for a command prompt instead of cmd.exe/command.com. Provides all of the same functionality, but you get instant access to all of the PS capabilities, as well. –  David Lively Jul 24 '10 at 16:12

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If you're on PowerShell 2.0 use:

PowerShell.exe -File c:\users\john\myscript.ps1

If you're on 1.0 use:

PowerShell -Command "& {c:\users\john\myscript.ps1}"

Depending on what you do/load in your profile script you may also want to specify -NoProfile. Of course, if your script requires something that is loaded in your profile then don't use this parameter. Otherwise, it can speed up execution of your script a bit.

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invoke-command -computername -scriptblock{param()} -ArgumentList

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