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I've googled this but can't find a satisfactory answer. Which versions of Internet explorer, if any, implement the W3C DOM level 2 event model?

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only IE9 will - see davidflanagan.com/2010/03/ie9-will-have-a.html IE6/7/8 don't –  cryo Jul 24 '10 at 10:05

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IE 9 should be the first IE version to add the W3C event model in addition to their proprietary model according to Wikipedia.

Further reading:

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Brilliant. Thanks guys. I have been writing pure jQuery for about a year now and wanted to go back and fill in all the gaps in my knowledge about vanilla javascript. Events being one of those gaps. –  Mike Rifgin Jul 24 '10 at 10:14

I think no browser does completely at the moment.

An excellent resource on which event is implemented in what browser is the quirksmode.org compatibility table.

Also read the introduction to events on the same site.

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Microsoft does not follow the W3C model up until Internet Explorer 8, as their own model was created prior to the ratification of the W3C standard. Internet Explorer 9 is supposed to follow DOM level 3 events.

That's what can be found here.

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