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When I sign in in gmail and I open orkut in the new tab or new window then automatically I am signed in in orkut without entering username and password. How this functioanality works..? And when I sign out from either site, I am signing ou from other site also.. is it done by session handeling or by cookies..? what is the mechanism behind this functionality..??

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Both use google's central login system which will store a cookie. When you log out of one it removed the cookie and will log you out from both.

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Isn't it Single sign-on?

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Yes I think It is a single sign-on. But in single sign on we set cookies. and cookies rely on client side so if we sign out from one account then other should be maintained. but this doesn't happen. we are sign out from other account also. –  Devashri Jul 24 '10 at 12:51
^^ How would the other session maintain? The one you logout would delete the cookie, thus exiting the active session. –  Dienekes Jul 24 '10 at 13:08

I believe that a cookie created by a site can be accessed only by that site. for eg: COOKIE_1 created by www.xxx.com can be accessed only by www.xxx.com but not www.yyy.com. In this case, how orkut site would access the cookie generated by gmail. Any clues?

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I think that is done using OpenID. Google serves as the ID provider and Orkut uses that OpenID. StackOverflow also utilizes OpenID.

More about Open ID

Edit: Because Orkut relies on Google's database they might share cookies.

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