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I am new to web development. I have experience with raw HTML (using notepad). But I am planning to make a website for my final year project. I had previously asked a question on its idea, now i need some help with the development part.

Which tool can I use to design the website? Please suggest some easy to use and powerful tools, with which I can have lots of flexibility and scope to make a really appealing website.

Also I want to use PHP + MySQL in the back-end. Which tools would you suggest for PHP (easy to use and powerful both).

Can the content developed with these two different tools (for PHP and one for HTML) integrate seamlessly? I look forward to your valuable suggestions....

Thanks in advance...

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i am looking for IDE's for PHP and HTML... any additional advice on PHP programming is welcome... –  Pralhad Jul 24 '10 at 15:41
Which OS are you using? Windows? –  Cole Jul 24 '10 at 15:42
yes windows vista –  Pralhad Jul 25 '10 at 18:40

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If you're looking for a light-weight text-based IDE, look no further than Notepad++. It has support for many languages.

In terms of HTML and CSS, it's best to stick with a text-IDE, rather than going into the nightmare that is dreamweaver and frontpage.

PHP can be tricky. You ideally want XAMPP installed on your machine to ease testing.

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You question is very difficult to answer, because with "powerful tools" come complexity. In design, there is a good rule:

Good, Fast and Cheap; Pick two.

This being said, if your are just looking for a simple CMS, Wordpress is pretty nice. It's doesn't require much programming experience to setup, and allows you to create a simple web page with little effort.

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I just realized you were asking about a IDE, not a CMS. Wow, i need more coffee. –  karlw Jul 24 '10 at 15:25
Actually, the ide tag was my addition. I may have interpreted it incorrectly. –  Eric Jul 24 '10 at 15:27

I'm afraid this question is too subjective. Many IDE/editors have integrated support for PHP/HTML, since it's very common to embed PHP code in HTML.

This article may be helpful.


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