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I have the answer for the Rails 2.X but not for Rails 3. How can I read the name of a current layout rendered inside a view.

My Rails2 question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2622219/rails-layout-name-inside-view


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Getting this to work in Rails 3.2 is a little more complicated than previously outlined. If your controller explicitly declares a layout, then the result of controller.send(:_layout) is a String, but otherwise it's an ActionView::Template. Try this:

module ApplicationHelper
  def current_layout
    layout = controller.send(:_layout)
    if layout.instance_of? String
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I think it should be in core, but for now you can make a helper method:

 def current_layout
    controller.send :_layout

it will return currently used layout name

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This is true in case you do not manually render a layout like this: render :layout => 'application'. –  xpepermint Sep 22 '10 at 12:55

For Rails 4:

=> 'application'     

For Rails 3.2:

=> #<ActionView::Template:0x000000082bb788> 

But controller.send(:_layout).identifier returns the fullpath:

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You can do what I've done in my Ajax gem for Rails which is to wrap the _render_layout method:

    ActionView::Base.class_eval do
      def _render_layout_with_tracking(layout, locals, &block)
        controller.instance_variable_set(:@_rendered_layout, layout)
        _render_layout_without_tracking(layout, locals, &block)
      alias_method_chain :_render_layout, :tracking

Then you can access the value that was set from your view (I'm pretty sure you have access to the controller there...) or in your controller in an after_filter, which is what I do.

I've written a custom RSpec 2 matcher which can be used to test layout rendering in Rails 3.

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