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I know this sounds very basic but I just started with visual studio and I am looking for instructions on the basic control functions. In general, what the different options do. I am just trying to get familiar with some of the functions and I am not completely understanding how to manipulate the data. For example, how to trigger information in a textbox after hitting the return button instead of any input change in the window. I know this sounds simple but its very frustrating getting started with the basics. I am looking for a good book or online support forum that gets me over some of the simple hurdles. Also, is there a clock function that I can use as a count down in a program that someone has done.


Killing Myself

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excellent tutorial videos, a very good place to start

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There are some video tutorials about programming in Visual Studio on the Internet. If you like books - take for a start something like lessons in VS.

To handle return button in textbox just handle KeyPressed event and in parameter e you have all necessary information.

To do something like clock you can use Timer component. It fires an event based on the timer interval period.

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If you already have some experience with similar programming - you could pick up a cookbook for the respective language you're trying to learn. A cookbook has to the point answers which will get you up and running in no time.

I did the same thing when I wanted to pick up C#.Net after having done VB 6 previously.

However, if you want to spend some more time picking up things and getting to the crux of it all, I'd recommend a dummies book.

And yes, there is a clock control which you can drag and drop and program for the _tick event once you have enabled it and set its interval.

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There are a lot of great open-source (free) resources and tutorials on DreamInCode.net

I've solved several problems there and learned a few new techniques. What I like about it is that the tutorials walk you through step-by-step, and you get the source too.

Timer help on DreamInCode.

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