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Nowadays I hope to have 2 Ruby versions on the same machine, because some gems are good for 1.8.6 only and at the same time, 1.9.1 is fast and it is to try out with Rails 2.3.

Is there a good way to sandbox the two versions? I installed 1.9.1 onto C:\ruby and 1.8.6 onto C:\ruby1.8.6, and change inside of C:\ruby1.8.6\bin

copy ruby.exe ruby186.exe
copy gem.bat gem186.bat
copy gem gem186
copy irb.bat irb186.bat
copy irb irb186

and also go into the .bat files and change the C:\Ruby into C:\Ruby1.8.6 inside the files.

that seems like a good start to sandbox 2 different versions of Ruby. Is there a better way?

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Checkout pik. It's similar to RVM which is a great tool to manage multiple Ruby sandboxes, but unfortunately is unavailable on Windows.k

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