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I want to hide the mainwindow for a certain amount of time then show it again. Example:

use Tk;

my $mw = new MainWindow;
my $lblMsg = $mw -> Label(-text=>"blabla")-> grid();
my $btnPostpone = $mw -> Button(-text=>"Postpone for (min): ",
              -command =>\&postpone)-> grid();


sub postpone{
$mw-> withdraw();

With the above code the main window will reappear but none of the widgets are displayed. What do I have to do so everything will look exactly the way it did before it was hidden?

Any hints appreciated.

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You need to call $mw->update(); after you raise() the main window.

This link explains why in a bit of detail.

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Thanks a lot. The link made things clear. –  user401304 Jul 28 '10 at 8:05

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