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1. GridBagLayout

When I tried to use the GridBagLayout, I found that I can not change the weight of each component added in the container. For example,In the contentPanel of the JDialog, I added two sub panels: leftPanel and rightPanel. However the leftPanel and the rightPanel take the same width of the main dialog. I just want the leftPanel take 60% of the width of the JDialog. I have tried to define the weightx parameter of leftPanel's GridBagContrains, but it doesn't seem to work.

Also I found that if I add an empty JPanel in a GridBagLayout-managed JFrame, it takes a small amount of space. After I add some components to the Jpanel it is resized. In fact I want to control the component just as the size I wanted using the relative position. That is to say, even if the JPanel is empty, it should take up the size I set.

So, are there any ideas?

2. JScrollPanel

The leftPanel mentioned above is a JScrollPanel, and I want to show some little vector symbols in this panel. The symbols should change when a JComboBox (which has been added to the main frame) changes.

So I set the view port of the JScrollPanel to a new JPanel called symbolListPanel. (This is used to display the symbols, and each symbol will be drawn in a SymbolPanel which extends JPanel and overrides the paint() method.) I set this symbolListPanel to use GridBagLayout. I want there to be three symbols displayed in each row, so I use the following code:

GridBagConstraints c=new GridBagConstraints();
Symbols[] s=getVectorSymbols();
for(int i=0;i<s.length();i++) {
  symbolListPanel.add(new SymbolPanel(s[i]),c);

Well, when I run the application, the symbols are displayed. When I add 6 symbols and the symbolListPanel is divided to a 2x3 grid, it looks good. However, when I add 9 symbols, the symbolListPanel is divided to a 3x3 grid—this is no problem, but the scroll bar is never shown; also, each SymbolPanel is resized smaller to fit the size of the visible space of the leftPanel (JScrollPane). In fact what I really need is for the size SymbolPanel to never change. When the visible area of the leftPanel is not large enough to show all the symbols, the scroll bar should show.

BTW, in the SymbolPanel I have used the following method to try to control the size:

setMinimumSize(getPreferredSize) ;

I thought using the above three methods I could absolutely control the size of the SymbolPanel (then it can not be resized). But it seems not. Why?

3. Change symbols

When I change the combo box, the symbols should change. However the changed symbols can never be visible unless I resize the dialog.

I thought if might be a repaint problem with the dialog. But I have called the symbolListPanel.repaint() method, and it seems that the repaint method of the sub component of the symbolListPanel is not called. At last I have to use the following method to make the changed symbols visible:

// Sets the main dialog invisible, then set it visible,
// so all the components will be repainted, and it works.

However I know this is a stupid method. Is there a better way?

/-------------Added at 10/07/27--------------/

In fact, I wang to know how the GridBagLayout work,I have read the java tutorial book at the GridBagLayout page, However I do not know how this layout determine the size of each component? By its preferred size or the setSize() method? Sometime I found the setSize() method is useless.

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Try avoiding the setPreferredSize, setMaximumSize and setMinimumSize in a GridBagLayout setup. You will find that they are not reliable and most of the time getting overridden by the settings from the GrigBagContraints. From the later, use the following properties to size your components: fill, gridheight, gridwidth. This is especially true for components embedded in JScrollPane where the viewport will not reflect the actual size of his child component(s).

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