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Does anyone have an EtherPad Database Schema? I googled for it, see tons of requests, but can't seem to find one.

I'm interested in taking a look. I'm also curious how EtherPad handler revisions/timeline. Do they create new records for each save in a main pad table?

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Here's the full schema as dumped by mysql:


Here's a blog post about it:


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Changes are saved as changesets, and operational transformations (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operational_transformation) are used each time a web browser wants to view a revision. Revisions are saved in step units of 1, 10, 100, etc. The revisions also have a properties table that might contain a name, change dates, etc

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A birds eye view of DB schema is here: doc.etherpad.org/CunUJwhhOH –  Simon B. Jul 28 '10 at 8:48

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