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I have an Inno Setup script with preprocessor directives (#defines, #ifs, etc.)

I want to run the Inno Setup preprocess on my script and see the preprocessor's output (translation in Inno-Setup-speak). That is, I want to look at the result of the preprocessor which it normally feeds into the Inno Setup Compiler, where all the references to {#something} are changed into whatever something was defined as

I look at the command line options (of iscc.exe) and #pragma directives and did not find what im looking for. I see that i can specify not to run the compiler (#pragma -c- | /$c-) but i did not find a way to look at the output of the preprocessor

In short, how do i look at the output of the inno setup preprocessor?

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when all else fails look for the answer yourself

add the following line right before the [code] section this will generate a file "preprocessed.iss" with all macros expanded and #defines, #ifs etc. prcoessed

#expr SaveToFile(AddBackslash(SourcePath) + "Preprocessed.iss")
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I would recommend to add this line at the very end of the script, because SaveTofile outputs only the preprocessed part of the script up to the currently processed line. – splash Jul 28 '10 at 13:17
Just what I needed, thanks! – Thomas Levesque Mar 26 '14 at 14:41

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