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I'm using the MiniBufExplorer plugin to display a list of open buffers at the top of my Vim window. I'm also using the FuzzyFinder plugin to open files, in case that matters.

The problem is that, if I have the -MiniBufExplorer- window focused, and I open a file, the window will split:

AAAAAA     AAAAAA    M = -MiniBufExplorer-
AAAAAA --> AAAAAA    A = some open file
AAAAAA     BBBBBB    B = the file I just opened

My guess is that Vim determines that the -MiniBufExplorer- window should not be used to open a file in, and decides to create a new window to hold the new buffer.

Instead, I want file B simply to be opened in the window previously occupied by A. If A's window has focus, this happens the way I want it to; it's just when -MiniBufExplorer- is focused that I get the unwanted split.

I'm not proficient at Vim scripting, and not very familiar with the windowing/buffers model, so I don't know how difficult it is to accomplish this. Any ideas?

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Hi, I'm having a similar problem. Have you solved this by any chance? –  Edan Maor Jan 11 '11 at 8:43
@Edan Maor: No, unfortunately not... –  Thomas Jan 12 '11 at 6:22
Just tried version 6.3.2 of the minibuf plugin on MacVim 7.2 (52): vim.org/scripts/download_script.php?src_id=3640 and it works fine. Can you give more info about the version of vim that you are using? –  Foo Bah Jan 27 '11 at 16:53
Vim 7.2 on Ubuntu Maverick, minibuf 6.3.2. –  Thomas Jan 27 '11 at 18:20

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I don't think MiniBufExplorer plugin is good to use.

I find some bugs of this plugin. I delete this plugin now, try others.

PS: I don't use such plugins, just ctrl+o, ctrl+i :)

when open many files, this plugin is useless.

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You can make an abbreviation for command-line mode like this:

cabbrev ne new +only

what this does is to make an alias, then when you type ne vim executes new +only. new +only creates a new document and executes only on it which results in a full window new document.

You'd better put that on your .vimrc and to prevent a remap you use cnoreabbrev

cnoreabbrev ne new +only

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