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I am using SQL Sever 2005, VC 6 ++ and Crsystal Report API to print a report in a child window.

If the records vary Only by Milliseconds, Crystal Report is showing only the 1st record. Otherwise, it is perfectly fine.

I am picking the timestamp from SQL Server DateTime Field.

In Formula inside Crystal Report, i am only giving the following expression TableName.TimestampField.

The Field format for Timestamp field is mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss (in 24 hrs)

Can you please tell what change i need to make to get all records displayed?

Note:- If I run the same sql query that i give to Crystal Report in Sql Server, It gives me all records.

New ---- Edited after posting the question.....

I want to make change in Crystal Report. Actaull, the records inside Cystal Report are being supprested based on the following formala:

if not PreviousIsNull ({Table.TimeStamp}) then
  if {TABLE.TimeStamp}  = Previous ({TABLE.TimeStamp})
  and  {TABLE.Object_Id}  = Previous ({TABLE.Object_Id}) then

Somehow, Cystal Report is comparing Timestamp field only till Seconds.

Can now you tell me how to force Crystal Report to consider Milliseconds while doing comparison? b/w Timestamps?


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suggest you post the TSQL that drives the report –  Mitch Wheat Jul 25 '10 at 10:40

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SQL Server 2005's DateTime datatype has a granularity of approximately 3.3 milliseconds.

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That 's right. I found something more, please see the edited question. Thanks –  picarodevosio Jul 25 '10 at 10:37

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