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i wonder if i do

foreach (func_to_return_array() as $item) { ... }

will it call func_to_return_array() many times (the array length)? if it does i guess it will be better to use

$arr = func_to_return_array();
foreach ($arr as $item) { ... }
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I've asked this before. The accepted answer offers an explanation as to how it works, so it's a good supplementary read: stackoverflow.com/questions/1685689/… –  BoltClock Jul 25 '10 at 11:51

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It will only call func_to_return_array() once. Example:

foreach (foo() as $v) {
  echo "$v\n";

function foo() {
  echo "Called foo\n";
  return range(1, 5);


Called foo
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