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I have an object and within it I wanna check if some properties is set to false, like:

If (not objresult.EOF) Then
  'Some code 
End if

But somehow, sometimes objresult.EOF is Empty, and how can I check it?

  • IsEmpty function is for excel cells only
  • objresult.EOF Is Nothing - return Empty
  • objresult.EOF <> null - return Empty as well!
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Please provide some real code - show us what type of object is objresult. And IsEmpty is not specific for excel cells, it is for Variant variables. –  Doc Brown Jul 25 '10 at 12:21

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To check if a Variant is Null, you need to do it like:

Isnull(myvar) = True


Not Isnull(myvar)
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How you test depends on the Property's DataType:

| Type                                 | Test                            | Test2
| Numeric (Long, Integer, Double etc.) | If obj.Property = 0 Then        | 
| Boolen (True/False)                  | If Not obj.Property Then        | If obj.Property = False Then
| Object                               | If obj.Property Is Nothing Then |
| String                               | If obj.Property = "" Then       | If LenB(obj.Property) = 0 Then
| Variant                              | If obj.Property = Empty Then    |

You can tell the DataType by pressing F2 to launch the Object Browser and looking up the Object. Another way would be to just use the TypeName function:MsgBox TypeName(obj.Property)

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