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Due to my next project (much SOA stuff) I need a component based configuration and stored in a database to enable a central administration. app.config/web.config does not support any of those requirements (I know some hacks with app-domains, though). So does anybody of you know a configuration framework? It does not necessary have to be free of cost.

I know how to google ;-) but I'd appreciate some experiences about a framework you already used.

Thanks in advance! Flo

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I also work on a big SOA project. We are using Nini and it is quite good.

Here are some of the features :

  • Multiple configuration types INI, XML, Registry, and command line
  • Strong variable types String, int, float, etc. Eliminates casts
  • Set and save Add, remove, edit, and save configs
  • Lightweight and fast Small footprint, built for speed
  • Merging Merge several configs into one
  • 100% free Free and open source code
  • Value aliases Add aliases for unclear variables
  • Key value replacement Replaces values with other key values
  • Cross platform Run on .NET/Mono Linux/Mac/Windows
  • INI parser Contains a 100% managed INI parser
  • Fully documented See the Nini manual and API reference
  • Unlimited files/sources Loads an unlimited number of files
  • Compact Framework Supports the .NET Compact Framework
  • Command line application Has a command-line configuration editor
  • Mature and stable Over 140 unit tests

Have a look at it.

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Thanks for the link! I'm just flying through the docs. Do you know if it supports any kind of database based configuration? – Florian Reischl Jul 25 '10 at 13:43
AFAIK currently it supports INI Files, XML Files, Windows Registry, .NET Configuration Files and Command Line (Argv) Configuration. – Incognito Jul 25 '10 at 14:08
Does not really support databases, though, they show a stupidly simple way to work with databases. Take XML and stored in a DB cell ;-). That's fine for me, so thanks again! – Florian Reischl Jul 25 '10 at 15:08

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