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Hi I am trying to get the the result of in time and out time from dates but it returns only hours using following select Query as follows

SELECT DATEDIFF(Hh,InTime,OutTime)  as Diff_time from EmpLogTable

and i need result in HH:MM Suppose my in time is 11 am and out is 5.49pm so o/p would be 6.49 but using above select query i am getting o/p as 7 only if any body has a solution then please let me know

Thanking you in Advance Umesh Rakhe

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The DATEDIFF function returns an INT so it will not work as you like, your best bet is to subtract InTime from OutTime or use DATEDIFF with minutes (n) instead.

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  1. you should probably do UI formatting on the client, not the database

  2. you can use diff = datediff(mi, intime, outtime) to get the difference in minutes

then divide diff by 60 to get the hours

and take the modulus diff % 60 to get the remaining minutes

then turn into strings and you're good to go

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SELECT Outime - InTime as Diff_time from EmpLogTable

DATEDIFF measures day, hour etc boundaries: you're asking for a true date/time difference. In this case, I'd simply subtract the values rather than using a complex nested DATEDIFF. Or do it in the client.

If you have a interval > 24 hours though, then you'd need a nested DATEDIFF to get 25 hours: my answer would give one day and one hour.

The hh:nn:ss format can be done via CONVERT with style 108, but again I'd do this in the client

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That is not correct. datediff(mi, '2010-07-25 12:00:00', '2009-07-25 12:00:00') = -525600 –  Neil McGuigan Jul 25 '10 at 16:51
@el chief: subtraction is not the same as DATEDIFF. What are you trying to say? –  gbn Jul 25 '10 at 17:20

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